To inspire, educate and empower new leaders in the field of global health policy and sustainable development.

It is our belief that through immersive simulations and experiential learning environments, students and professionals from all disciplines can collaborate and co-create innovative solutions to pressing global health challenges.

History of UKWHO

The United Kingdom Model World Health Organization (UKWHO) was founded by Brian Wong, whose passion for global health diplomacy and unconventional, experiential learning led him to envision a unified structure for Model WHO simulations within the UK.

Brian’s interest in global public health diplomacy and advocacy developed when he attended his first Model WHO simulation (OMWHO) in 2013. Having since participated in 20 Model WHO simulations (and counting) in delegate, chair, and director roles, he wanted to formally bring the Model WHO structure to the UK to provide global health training outside of the conventional classroom setting. This led him to establish and co-direct the inaugural London Model WHO Simulation (LonWHO) in 2017 at his alma mater, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, on the theme of “Global Mental Health”.

Brian views Model WHO Simulations as a platform for empowering the next generation of global public health practitioners and enthusiasts to become more informed about current global health issues as well as to develop transferrable skills for tackling these challenges in a multidisciplinary learning environment.