Media Coverage

Media Role in LonWHO 2018

The main objective of LonWHO 2018 was to generate innovative and feasible resolutions to be sent to the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland surrounding this year’s theme, “Improving the Health of Women, Children, and Adolescents”.

Throughout the various sessions that occurred during LonWHO 2018, the media played an important role in reporting the proceedings and providing commentary on the happenings of the simulation in the different sessions to the general public and to other delegates. This places these delegates in a position of distinct influence.

Media delegates produce breaking news and in-depth journalism in a variety of media. They act as real journalists, traveling from committee to committee, competing to break the news first, dealing with crises, posting updates at any time, and utilizing all forms of media available to get their message across, from Twitter to video to full-length articles.

Though media (journalists) don’t participate directly in the conference’s discussions, they can still influence the final resolution papers through the media, as countries and organisations formulate their own strategies according to the news and rumours of negotiations and deals.

Throughout this weekend, media coverage has been segmented into three main pages:

Additional coverage from these organizations can be viewed by visiting @LonWHO on Twitter or reviewing the hashtags: #LonWHO2018 #WCAHealth #LonWHO across social media.